Top Secret

Shh... this is the secret area. Don't tell anyone. We'll post hidden messages, challenges, freebies, and such. It's like a hidden cave of opportunity. Check back regularly for awesomeness. If you're reading this message, you're officially an "UPster." Congratulations on your success. Welcome to our family.

Why Give?

Support Free Wellness Classes
Fund Youth STEM Education
Bring Music to the Plaza
Help Bring More Art to JAX
All Contributions Are Tax-deductible


Why Sponsor?
Support Social Good Activities
Increase Brand Recognition
Diversify Your Marketing Outreach
Access to Unity for Private Events
Sustaining Sponsors Are Recognized Year-round


Why Volunteer?

Meet New People
Make a Difference in JAX
Grow With Our Team
Leave Your Creative Mark on Unity
Receive Service Hours For Your Time